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Source: commoditygoods.com via Commodity on Pinterest

Bespoke is the new name of the game! Everything is moving towards a perfect fit and being custom made, and why should your fragrance be any different? Just in time for the changing weather, Commodity is offering just that.  Aimed to change the way we try and buy our fragrances, Commodity is “Premium scents tailored to your style and delivered to your door.”

Their process is streamlined and simple. They send you mini samples of each of their 10 scents (different scents for men and women), you wear each scent for a day, and once you decide which scents you like you simply pick what size you want and poof! It shows up at your door.

Now I haven’t gotten a chance to smell the scents yet, but they have some that sound like they smell great. For the men they have scents such as whiskey, cane and book while for the ladies they feature scents tea, pinot and magnolia among others. There are also a few unisex scents, which are wool, moss, gold and paper.  And if that was a little too many options for you, they will help you find your scent profile and choose scents based on your style.

As a cherry on top, they do all of this for less than you would pay for a simple bottle at a high-end retailer.  A set of three 30ml roller bottles and a carrying case is only $50!

And just in case you still need convincing to try Commodity out, here are three more fun facts:

  1. They provide free shipping to anywhere in the US
  2. The Scents are bottled in California (Woo-Hoo!!)
  3. They are made with organic alcohol that is environmentally-friendly and non-allergenic.

Check out Commodity Here.

p.s. – I for one am curious to see what would happen when you started layering scents.  What do you guys think?


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SOAP…and special offer just for you!!




The other day I was browsing on Etsy (one of my new favorite sites) and found this lady who makes these DECADENT soaps all by hand and all organic. I am such a sucker for anything with whole, all natural ingrediants so it is no surprise that I just had to buy. I havent gotten the shipment yet so I dont know exactly if they will live up to the expectation, but I highly doubt they will dissapoint. The lovely owner of this soap store also offered me a coupon code to share with all of you for 10% off your order. So if you are into all natural products click here and try out her soap. Let me know what you think!!

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