Charcoal Bubble (Fab Find:Day to Night)

I simply adore fun little pieces that you can play and create with. And this little charcoal tie-dye polyester dress happened to be the little piece that caught my eye while perusing at Target (tar-jay). There are two things that make this dress a “Must Have” in my closet 1) the bubble hem (a lil’ taste of the 80’s will add some pizzazz to your closet) and 2) the price…. 29.99!

Throwing a simple blazer over the dress and opaque tights under it to create an almost monotone look is how the “Day Look” was created.

I changed into the “Night Look” by simply showing a little more skin, adding a pop of color and a tad bit of sparkle.

Takeaway: Dresses that are made of polyester are the easiest to switch from day to night because of their texture and ability to keep shape throughout the course of the day. It hides wrinkles the best if you ask me and nothing says “I rushed straight from work” clearer than heading to dinner with wrinkles around your mid-section from sitting at a desk all day. :)


What I am Wearing:

Day: Dress: Mossimo for Target , Blazer: Twenty8Twelve (old) , Shoes: MARNI(old)

Night: Dress: Mossimo for Target , Blazer: Twenty8Twelve (old) , Pink Suede Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood , Earrings: Fallon , Tights: J.Crew, Belt: Fendi (old), Purse: Valentino rockstud (similar here)

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  1. Wilbur says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Wilbur

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