A Day at the Office

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Happy Monday!  So I wanted to put together a look that was office ready for many of you business professionals in the work force like myself.  I don’t know about any of you, but sometimes I struggle putting together new looks for work and I get very bored with the same button down-dress pant look.  I am contstantly searching on blogs for outfit ideas, but find it hard to locate complete looks that would fit at my office.  So my look today can be dressed up or down depending on what the dress code of your office is.  I paired this dress with a cotton cardigan to dress down the look, and I paired it with a braid to give it a more youthful hip vibe.  If I wanted to dress my look up a bit more, I would have paired the dress with a long blazer probably in black or grey, as well as taken my hair out of the braid and put it in a low swept bun.  For quick office looks, simple shift dresses are great bases to play off of!  Well, I hope this helped and that everyone has a wonderful week!!


Dress: Jcrew Cardigan: H&M Shoes: Gucci Watch: Michael Kors Bracelet: Jcrew
Earings: GlamBoutique

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